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I have inherited a Munin installation and I want to make a list of all the monitored hosts. Is there a command or other way to export a list of all monitored hosts to CSV or XML?

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It seems rather lame, but I find that

grep '^\[' /etc/munin/munin.conf

pulls out all the host entries, and nothing much else; you can slice-and-dice it with (eg) tr from there.

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The easiest way is probably to look in <dbdir>/munin-update.stats (on RHEL and Debian, dbdir is /var/lib/munin). That file contains a line for each host that was checked in the last run. Each line is of the format:


There are three fields, separated by |s. "UD" stands for something like "update detail"; there's also a "UT" line with the total time it took to update everything, so you should probably grep '^UD' /var/lib/munin/munin-update.stats. The second field is the host and its categories, in the same format that /etc/munin/munin.conf has. The third field is the number of seconds it took to get the host's data.

This approach is a little better than grepping through /etc/munin/munin.conf directly for two reasons: Primarily because munin has include directives so it's possible that not all of your hosts are defined directly in the main config file; and secondly just because the file format is simpler, so it's easier to get data out of it.

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