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I have a problem. A specific instance of SvcHost is using way too much ram (680MB). I've found that the following services are running under this process:

SvcHost Process

I've stopped and then started all services I was able to but the memory usage only dropped to 580MB. Here's what I found:

  • Certificate Propagation - could not stop, freed 50MB while trying.
  • Group Policy Client - could not stop.
  • Task Scheduler - could not stop, freed 30MB while trying.
  • System Event Notification Service - could not stop.
  • Remote Desktop Service - didnot stop since I am remoted in.
  • Windows Management Instrumentation - freed 30MB.
  • Windows Update - freed 60MB.

Which of the

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For me, the culprit turned out to be the Certificate Propagation Service. Sounds like it's used to install certificates from smart cards. Well, this is a VM so I disabled that sucker!

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