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im having troubles with static routing.. documentation are no help for me.

my pfsense has 4 NICS and as ff:

LAN  - (local connection to my other servers)
OPT1 - (VLAN 5) as GW (wifi)
OPT2 - (VLAN 10) as GW (desktop)

ISP is my default gateway for internet

But i want to access my servers inside my LAN interface from OPT2 (VLAN 10) , i have an FTP server in

i can ping all hosts in from my pfsense box
i can ping all hosts in VLAN 5 from VLAN 10

Firewall > Rules > OPT2 interface

 *          *        *       *      *      *

System > Routing > route

 NETWORK            GATEWAY             INTERFACE     GW-       LAN

what above routing tells is covers the, so to get there, use gateway LAN IP (

i have also tried using gateway OPT2 but still fails

again, all i want is to access my subnet hosts been trying to figure this out all day, I cant seem to make it work.

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