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Doeas anyone has idea about vlan support in linux with NIC teaming/bonding.In case of a switch I am not able to communicate however if I remove multiple vlan interfaces from NIC , I am able to communication.


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How did you set up your bonding interface and VLANs? Show your config. – Michael Hampton Jun 6 '13 at 1:04

VLAN tagging is supported in Linux using the 802.1Q module. NIC bonding is supported in Linux using the bonding module. Every major distribution should include a kernel new enough that it supports these features.

VLAN Tagging

# ip link add link eth0 name eth0.200 type vlan id 200
# ip link show 

This will create an interface eth0.200 that is tagging for VLAN ID 200.

NIC Bonding

# ifconfig bond0 netmask
# ifenslave bond0 eth0 eth1

This will create an interface bond0 with the IP address composed of eth0 and eth1.

The method to making these setting persistent is dependent upon your particular distribution of Linux.

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I am able to communicate on single eth0 only if I break link eth0 i am not able to communicate on different sw between vlans. – user176716 Jun 7 '13 at 13:36

There was a bug in RHEl6 2.6-32.279 which was causing this issue. Upgrading kernel will resolve it.

A bug was in 8021dq module.


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