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browser response after errorWe are the developers of the site Twoosh

We are using 3 machines on our wifi network( have already reset the router) and we use ubuntu for development. Suddenly, we are getting connection timed out to this particular site only from one of our machines and it keeps shifting from machine to machine.Apparently, the website works fine from other places(checked with my friends)

When it happens we cant telnet to port 80 however ping works fine. And after the problem starts sometimes it opens after a long time but then doesnt opens on other tab of the browser. Sometimes it does works on all the machines for a while and if someone restarts the browser or the modem, again connection timed out on atleast one machine and sometimes more than one Interesting fact is, it works completely fine on windows. This is going for 4-5 days now. ALl other sites work completely fine

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Are you using the same IP? – Deer Hunter Jun 6 '13 at 10:42
The router has a public IP and our machines have individual IP behind the router...however, even though we are not using wired connection,( all machines are connected with wifi) ifconfig shows wlan0 and eth1 on different machines – Arthas Jun 6 '13 at 10:51

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