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Are there any lightweight alternatives to openvas?

openvas is decent, but is quite resource-hungry.

The server is starting slow when there are lots of plugins. The GTK client eats 100% of CPU when connecting to the server and when performing security scans.

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for simply scanning, nmap is the best - and it also has some plug-ins as well. on fedora there is sectool, and also there is openscap-utils –  Tom H Feb 5 '12 at 15:17

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OpenVas and Nessus are the two most popular tools to use.

If you want more control over your resources, you'll have to go to a more granular level of control - for example, writing your own nmap scripts. I don't think there is an intermediate level - one where you have significant level of control over resources and type of work performed, without also requiring very detailed knowledge/custom implementation of scans.

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