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First of all, this problem is not the same as the one referenced at When migrating to Plesk 11 database is created on localhost not DB server.

This one happens when we try to migrate clients from an old Plesk 8 installation (source) to a new Plesk 11 installation (target). We are using pleskbackup on the source server to generate the backups and pleskrestore on the target server to import them.

Everything but the databases aren't being correctly imported. At the source server we use local databases (the MySQL instance running on localhost) to store databases, but at the target server we point to an external/remote MySQL server.

Manually created databases under the new Plesk 11 (using Plesk's Web admin interface) are correctly created at the external/remote MySQL Server so it's a proof that the external/remote MySQL Server is correctly specified/configured as a valid MySQL target under the new Plesk 11 installation.

Even when using a correctly formatted mapping file the databases are created locally under the new Plesk 11 (localhost MySQL instance) and not under at the external/remote MySQL Server. When generating the mapping file, we get :


Where domain.com and are just examples (not the real data). And then we add a mapping like this :

mysql::@localhost:3306:default -> mysql:user:password@

Data above is just example data, not real data. would be the external/remote MySQL Server, for instance.

The issue referenced at http://kb.parallels.com/en/114045 is not the same as that one is about migrating databases which are already remote at the source Plesk server. We have tried the workarounds there and the same issue happens.

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This seems to be more related to your misconfigured server environment for me. Why don't you contact the Parallels support? –  cept0 Jun 17 '13 at 6:39

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This has been fixed in 11.0.9 Update #52 (23-May-2013).

[+] Migration of databases from remote DB server on Source to remote DB server on Destination.


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