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I have a DNS server setup using webmin, and I am having trouble getting the MX records to work. I just want to double check that my records file is setup correctly.

$ttl 38400    IN  SOA 1055026205 (
            3H )
example.        IN    A     123.456.7.890    IN    CNAME    IN    A     123.456.7.890    IN    A     123.456.7.890   IN    A     123.456.7.890        IN    NS        IN    NS   IN    MX    10  IN  PTR
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Is example. IN A 123.456.7.890 a typo? – EightBitTony Jun 9 '13 at 22:59

You didn't really say how you intended to configure the mail service...

If your SMTP server is listening at (123.456.7.890), then the config you included looks like a correct way to handle mail for domain, that is, for email addresses like

I can only guess that you might want mail to work for the domain, that is email addresses like In that case you would need an MX record on itself.

By the way, in zone files it is conventional to list the SOA record first, then the NS records, then everything else. Also, your PTR record is meaningless. PTR records are used almost exclusively in reverse zones (under and

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