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I need to retrieve the size (in MB) of all folders of my mailbox(including sub-folders) with PowerShell (like the Outlook feature: Data File Proerties/Folder Size).

Is there a way to do that from my Workstation (Windows 8 Pro) with PowwerShell?

NB: Outlook is connected to Exchange Server 2013 (and I have no Exchange'administrator rights).

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I was looking into this for you trying out things with the Outlook.Application COM object, but found this article online that basically states what I've found so far.

Checking deleted items folder size

You can use their example to iterate various folders within Outlook, but I haven't gotten back to my workstation to check the Inbox folder size and see if it lines up with the size including subfolders or not, but I don't think it will.

Perhaps though the link can give you insight into modifying the PS script to what you are needing.

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Thank you I'll study and modify this script – Franck Jun 12 '13 at 9:12

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