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I have following packages, built by my RPM spec:

libevent backend

%package -n libfoo-libevent
Summary: libevent backend for FOO
Provides: libfoo-backend
Requires: libevent >= 1.4

libev backend

%package -n libfoo-libev
Summary: libev backend for FOO
Provides: libfoo-backend
Requires: libev >= 3

And the library itself which requires at least one backend installed (both of them also OK)

%package -n libfoo
Summary: FOO library
Requires: libfoo-backend

Question: How can I control the order in which the backend will be selected by default when I'm installing it with yum install libfoo. Currently it seems like it is sorting list ["libfoo-libevent", "libfoo-libev"] alphabetically and always picks libfoo-libev. Is there any way to make libfoo-libevent preferred (except renaming it of course)

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Why is this relevant in your case? –  Nils Jun 11 '13 at 21:15
because I have requirement that "libfoo-libevent" backend should be chosen as default. the googling says that it isn't controlled. repoquery --whatprovides MTA also shows alphabetically ordered results. What I need some field to put higher priority to "libfoo-libevent" over "libfoo-libev" –  avsej Jun 11 '13 at 21:43

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