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This isn't a technical question so much as one of best practice. I believe this suits the Stack Exchange format as best practices should be encouraged.

When I host multiple websites on a server is it best practice to create a new user for each domain and set the Apache virtual host document root to the user's home directory (for example, is hosted on /home/; is hosted on /home/; etc) or should I use the /srv folder on Debian?

Thanks in advance :)

N.B I will be the only one logging on to the server via SSH for maintenance purposes. The server is only hosting a couple of WordPress sites and a light weight Yii app

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My preference would be to keep things simple and organised. I would put in /srv/, in /srv/, etc.. Shorter paths are better than longer paths :)

If you have a separate volume/partition, there are benefits to putting your sites on that.

By the way, if you wanted to put stuff in /home, you don't need to create a user. You can just mkdir /home/

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Thanks for the advice :) – Iain Jun 12 '13 at 1:17

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