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Problem: I need to setup zonefiles so that I can setup email users: Both, and, where there are two different users and not aliases. Emails from users utilizes a different mail server from the one used by users

I have setup the following zone file:       IN      SOA (
                   2007010403           ; Serial
                         1800           ; Refresh [1h=3600] 1800=30m
                          600           ; Retry   [10m]
                        86400           ; Expire  [2weeks] 86400=1day
                          180 )         ; Negative Cache TTL [1h]
;      IN     NS      IN     NS      IN     NS      IN     MX      10 IN     MX      10 IN     A      IN     A  IN     A  IN     A  IN     A  IN     A     3501    IN     TXT   "v=spf1 ip4: ~all"
*   3600    IN      CNAME

Am I doing this properly? Is the A record to the IP of the mailserver required?

I've done a named-checkzone, which has found no errors. When I do a dig for MX records, the second MX record is not displayed. But I'm unsure whether this is because the record are not live yet.

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You mention but your zone file has Is this a typo? – jeffatrackaid Jun 13 '13 at 19:25

The MX record should point to a valid A record. The MX record should match the right hand side of the email address.

So for, the MX record would be IN MX 10

Where is the desired mail server. then should have a valid A record.

I notice in your case, your MX record points to a 3rd party. I don't know if these are real domains or not but:

does not resolve for me and could be the source of your problem.

Once DNS is settled, you have to assure that the target mail server then knows what to do with email destined for

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I had obsfuscated the actual mail server names before posting here. THe actual ones do resolve. – Droidzone Jun 14 '13 at 1:22

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