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When using a FreeNAS as iSCSI target, would it use the iSCSI offload engine on cards that have it, or is it an initiator-only feature?

For clarification, I want to know if a supported iSCSI offload card will also give me benefit when used with FreeNAS/FreeBSD's iSCSI target, or if it does only "kick in" for iSCSI initiator usage.

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It depends on your NIC/s - FreeNAS is based on BSD, so whatever the version of BSD underlies the version of FreeNAS you have dictates whether your specific NIC will allow this support.

Basically drop to a command prompt, find out what BSD version you have, then find out what NIC you have and do a spot of googling for the two - you may find some instructions on this support such as THIS one for a particular Broadcom NIC.

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I do know which iSCSI NICs are supported by FreeBSD / FreeNAS, but the docs always talk about iSCSI initiator offload. I want to know if a supported card will be used also for target offload. I'll clarify this in my question. – Luke404 Jun 12 '13 at 15:02

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