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I've setup lighttpd to use an ldap backend like so:

auth.debug = 2
auth.backend = "htdigest"
auth.backend.ldap.hostname = ""
auth.backend.ldap.base-dn = "ou=active,ou=employees,ou=people,"
auth.backend.ldap.allow-empty-pw = "disable"

auth.require = ("/report" =>
        "method" => "basic",
        "realm" => "restricted",
        "require" => "valid-user"

When I visit the URL, I am prompted for my credentials. I enter them in, and I am immediately asked for them again, with a single line in the log:

(http_auth.c.877) get_password failed, IP:

Like most things I post on StackExchange, I'm certain I'm doing something wrong. Any help is appreciated.

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2 things were wrong:

  1. auth.backend = "ldap"
  2. auth.backend.ldap.filter = "(uid=$)"

Bob's you're uncle.

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