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I am using Mailman version 2.1.12 running on a Linux CentOS 6.3 final system, and there are already many successfully operational mailman lists in operation. sendmail is the transport.

I have created a new list -- using newlist for the administrator/moderator; subscribed to it; and confirmed using the web interface. However, I cannot send mail to the list. Our email system says there is no such address.

I remembered that /etc/aliases has to be updated (example below), which was not automatically done when I ran newlist.

##special_education_news mailing list
special_education_news: "|/usr/lib/mailman/mail/mailman post special_education_news"

so I made sure the list name entries (bounces and so on) were added, and I restarted sendmail. I still cannot send email to the list.

I really have been searching on the web for the steps and cannot find something that will list out the steps to take after creating a new list. I would appreciate a pointer to that information and/or an answer here.

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Have you read the mailman documentation? – mdpc Jun 12 '13 at 17:54
I have read some of it, not all. I am trying to locate the documentation for integrating a new list. – octopusgrabbus Jun 12 '13 at 18:11
How did you go about creating the list? If you use the newlist command it should do all the mailman-specific stuff that needs doing, and tell you what else you need to do like updating /etc/aliases (I think it even gives you the stuff you need to paste into your aliases file?) – voretaq7 Jun 13 '13 at 22:24
I did use newlist, but it not update /etc/aliases. As my answer states I restarted two services. – octopusgrabbus Jun 14 '13 at 12:17
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I did use newlist to create the new list. I found /etc/aliases was not updated. After adding the various email addresses to /etc/aliases and restarting sendmail, I found I also had to restart mailman. Then my email went through.

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