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I am completely lost on this one so I'm hoping someone here may have experienced it before.

I have a RoR application running with passenger in apache. It sits on EC2 and is load balanced using ELB.

We're dealing with a problem where SSL traffic intermittently fails, as in what appears to be a timeout. The browser eventually stop trying to pull the page and you get a message saying no content was sent.

I've verified the certs match between the load balancer and the server. I also have checked permissions on the various configs and certs on the server. I've been able to recreate the issue with only 1 box in the LB so I know it isn't a difference in configuration (one server works the other doesn't hence it being intermittent.)

The apache and rails logs don't convey really anything helpful (that I can tell).

So all that said, has anyone seen something like this before and have any idea what I could try next?

Oh it might be worth noting, we don't ssl secure every page, just sensitive ones like /sign_in and /subscribe.

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sorry to follow up with a comment just forgot one thing. It also seems to be "sticky" in that if the SSL route does load, it will continue to load for a while, so it may have something to do with worker processes. – JoshReedSchramm Jun 13 '13 at 15:09
If you access your app on the EC2 host directly does SSL work properly? Is port 443/tcp correctly configured on the LB as a forward? Seems like a forward timeout somewhere, probably on the LB, did you set some firewall rules or does the service shape ingoing bandwith? – fsoppelsa Jun 17 '13 at 12:03

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