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I had two OpenLDAP (a master and a consumer). The master is on Red Hat 6 and consumer was on Red Hat 5. Everything worked well until I upgrade the consumer in Red Hat 6.
The sync between the two works well.

ldapsearch -H ldap://consumer and ldapsearch -H ldap://master work.
ldapsearch -H ldaps://master works, but ldapsearch -H ldaps://consumer hang forever and slapd on the consumer uses 100% of one CPU.

The config is exactely the same between the consumer and the master.
They also have the same slapdkey.pem and slapdcert.pem (I check the md5sum).

I tried to generate a certificat from the consumer but the problem was the same.
When I try openssl s_client -connect localhost:636 | openssl x509 -text on the consumer, same result. On the master it shows me the certificat and everything.
ldap and ldaps is running, and port 636 is open.
Any ideas ?

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Do you have any ACLS with ssf? Do you have TLSCipherSuite set in slapd.conf? Did you separately updgrade/rebuild OpenLDAP? On the consumer, run ldd against slapd and ldapsearch. What's in ldap.conf and .ldaprc? Did you increase loglevel in slapd.conf? –  mr.spuratic Jun 14 '13 at 13:13
pastebin.com/tf2Sw642 So, no I don't have ACLs with ssf. I have TLSCipherSuite set. I upgrade RedHat 5 to 6 which upgrade LDAP. I configure LDAP, and have this issue. I try to reinstall OpenLDAP without any changes. The ldap.conf is the same as the master. There has been a change of OpenLDAP version between RedHat 5 and 6. Now it uses slapd.d, but it's the same. The only thing I see that doesn't work is when I type : "hostname -d" I didn't have the domain, contrary to the master or when I was on RedHat 5. I think the problem is more on the SSL side than on the ldap, but I'm a bit lost. –  ouzmoutous Jun 26 '13 at 12:39
I install OpenLDAP server on another RedHat 6, copied the conf from the customer and it has the same problem. SO it isn't a problem from the upgrade, only a conf problem –  ouzmoutous Jun 26 '13 at 13:03

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Because it was only the consumer, I purged OpenLDAP server and do it again, it's cleaner and now it works. The only drawback is that I will not know where was the issue, but at least it works again.

Thanks for your time mr.spuratic !

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