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Through testing of our server, I have come to the conclusion that our server is somehow limiting usage per user to MySQL.

When I run mysqltuner.pl, the script pegs one of the processors for several minutes at a time. While this script is running (from Account X), Account X slows to a crawl. Requests to X's web assets are extremely slow. However, requests to other accounts' web assets (i.e. Accounts Y and Z) run quickly and mostly without delay.

Is it possible that there are some limiting mechanisms in place that are enforced via MySQL, CPanel, or some third-party tool?

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In MySQL, you can limit individual user accounts by:

  • Number of queries per hour
  • Number of updates per hour
  • Number of new connections per hour
  • Number of simultaneous connections

Given your description, it seems most likely it's #4 that's giving you trouble. Some long running query is blocking part of your connection pool.

Try this out:

 SELECT max_connections
 FROM mysql.user
 WHERE user = 'Account X';

MySQL's documentation on per user account limits is here.

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