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I'm thinking voodoo right now.

I've been messing with IIS for the past 3 hours to understand why a website can't be updated. Not only I can't update the website, but if I stop the application in IIS altogether, the website is still accessible from the server itself and from any other PC.

The website is ThinkIncentive. The application is currently stopped in IIS along with the associated application pool, but if you try it, you will be able to access it.

Stop icon and tooltip saying that the application is stopped

Application pool is also stopped

At first, I thought that the site was actually hosted somewhere else, so I resolved using an external tool, but it match my server address at

I tried to rename the application folder, but even with a different name, the site still works. So obviously, something else if feeding the site.

Renamed folder

If I stop IIS completely, the site no longer works, so IIS is hosting this web site.

I am a bit lost here. If someone has an idea or a tool that could help me understand this problem, it would be more than appreciated.

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Maybe (just maybe) another site is responding to that host name (bound to a wrong site)) ? Stopping app pool shoul dhelp here (if that app pool is serving only that one site) – LazyOne Jun 17 '13 at 14:16

Turns out the problem was hidden right in my face.

An integral copy of the website existed in the default IIS application and it was running on a different application pool. LazyOne comments sent me in the right direction

No matter if I changed or moved the files or if I stopped both site and application, the default application was picking up the request first and it was displaying its own copy of the website.

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Ok? Which answer do you want me to vote up? I should as well close the question. – Pierre-Alain Vigeant Jun 17 '13 at 15:20
Whoops. The choices in the review didn't provide for this situation. I missed what you were doing. I'll delete my comment. Can you expand your answer a bit so that it explains the solution. LazyOne could delete his comment and then this answer is kind of meaningless. – slm Jun 17 '13 at 15:24
I improved the answer. – Pierre-Alain Vigeant Jun 17 '13 at 15:31

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