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I'm using an Elastic IP and have created an A record of my domain to that IP. (Host=@ and "Points to" is the IP)

Google has indexed this domain accordingly but it also has indexed the public DNS (

I assume Google will ding me for duplicate content, have I done something wrong?

Should I have a redirect in my htaccess of to my domain name?

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I wouldn't be surprised if Google mostly ignored the domain for purposes of duplicate content. A canonical domain redirect never hurts, though. – ceejayoz Jun 17 '13 at 21:12
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Yes, I suggest you put in a redirect for anything that is not your canonical domain.

If you are using a virtual host in Apache this is usually not a problem as it will only respond to the domains you specify in a ServerName or ServerAlias directive.

Regardless, you can use mod_rewrite to be sure. See this answer on StackOverflow for a good explanation.

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