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Is there any way to dis-join a machine from a domain without it being connected to the domain. I had a machine die, and built up a new one with the same name, well, after we got the laptop back from RMA they didn't erase the hard drive as expected, so I'd like to dis-join it from the domain and rejoin it with a new name without screwing up the system that has replaced it.(the other computer is off site and its user is on vacation)

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I actually figured it out, I just had to go through with a regular dis-join, not provide credentials(just hit enter when it asked for admin username/password), and it dis-joined.

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As you discovered, you can simply switch to a workgroup. Before you add it to the domain again, though, you may need to delete the computer account through Active Directory Users and Computers.

The reason it prompts you for credentials when leaving a domain is that it will clean up the computer account. You will have missed this step by disjoining offline.

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Well, i created an account already that uses the same exact name. So I really want to avoid that because there's a system out there that needs that information to stay in AD! –  SteveButler Aug 7 '09 at 21:21
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