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I need replace my primary disks (RAID 1) and have new 300GB 15K disks.

Here are the details... Currently have 160GB RAID 1 15K w/ SBS 2007 (110GB VM) and 1TB 7.5K RAID 5 on the same physical server. XenServer is also installed on the RAID 1 disk set. Tried using Alike software to backup but I don't have enough space on the RAID 1 for a snapshot so I'm not able to backup the SBS 2007 VM.

What is the best approach (hopefully least painful) to safely copy/backup the SBS 2007 VM so I can install the new disks, reinstall XenServer and get the SBS server copied and running again?

TIA, Paul

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I have a couple of questions that may assist in providing an answer. Firstly, is the local storage repository on the RAID 1 disk using LVM? Secondly, is this machine business-critical - can it be turned off for backing up? –  plasmid87 Jul 5 '13 at 18:54
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