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I connected to a rescue system of my server via ssh. I partitioned al the disks like so: sda1 = /boot, sda2 = /swap, sda3 = lvm (with /, /home, /usr, /var, etc.). As I understood the next steps are: install debian via debootstrap, chroot to the new system, install the grub, configure grub, install the ssh server, reboot, connect and install all the other components. But I can't find a normal tutorial to do so. All the articles are different.

So the problem I have is: I'm trying to install the grub, configure it, and the Autocompletion doesn't work and I can't select the right disk manually:

root (hd0, 1)

Error 11: Unrecognized device string

the /sys is mounted ...

Does somebody know, what is the problem in this? Any normal tutorial for the remote debian install over ssh?

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