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My VMware hypervisor just act strangely. Suddendly, all my VM has been marked as "Unknowm (inaccessible)" and shutdowns. I discover that my datastore was no longer available for exploring and has been unmount. When I try to mount it via vSphere, I have this message :

Call "HostStorageSystem.MountVmfsVolume" for object "storageSystem" on Esxi "my IP" failed.

I ssh on the server and found that the symlink /vmfs/datastore1 now point on an wrong folder. When I go to /dev/disks I found my vmfs device 2Tb.

Can I mount it directly on the hypervisor using ssh and access data ? Then I could scp files to an other location and rebuild new VMs.

I tried "mount" but it did not work.

~ # mount /dev/disks/t10.ATA_____ST2000DM0012D9YN164__________________________________W2F04A4H /tmp/
-sh: mount: not found

Is there an other command that could mount my vmfs device so I could run through filesystem and recover data ?

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