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Ok, so we have a HP BLc3000 that we are bringing in from a remote office to our central datacentre, its currently in its purchased tower / pedestal configuration (with the wheels and all that)

Is it possible to rackmount (Looks like there are 2 plastic sections that pops off and the wheels unbolt), I have found the rackmount rails on partsurfer, but obviously this is all good in theory, is it that simple or is it not as straightforward as that

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I bet you wish it was a Dell VRTX ;) – Tom O'Connor Jun 20 '13 at 23:12

Unfortunately, the official word from HP today is "not possible". It also seems that the enclosure dimensions are different between the rack and tower setups.

Please refer to the C3000 maintenance guide. There are several resellers who would probably be willing to sell you a rackmount CTO chassis at discount. Also recall that C7000 enclosures can be found cheap ($1k-$3k).

There are common components from the chassis perspective, and I suspect that (minus the bezel differences) it's technically possible to fit the rails to the enclosure. The tower wasn't popular (it's now discontinued), and I don't have one to check right now.

enter image description here

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