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I ran ec2-describe-instances, on which i got the output as

INSTANCE    i-14305121  ami-bf1d8a8f  running internshipkey   0       t1.micro    2013-05-29T06:03:25+0000    us-west-2c  aki-fc37bacc            monitoring-disabled            ebs                 paravirtual xen pqhmg1369807405200  sg-dbd193eb default false

with the ramdisk id as empty? How do I get my ramdisk id? I need it to make an AMI from an existing snapshot in s3.

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Most modern, paravirtual AMIs don't use separate ramdisk images (ARIs). The real kernel and ramdisk are loaded from the boot disk.

When you register the EBS snapshot as a new AMI, specify a paravirtual kernel (AKI), but omit the ramdisk (ARI) specification.

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