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I was trying to ghost a partition on a Windows 2003 server, using Ghost 2003. Unfortunately things went horribly wrong, and now I can't boot back into my system.

As you can see, Ghost creates a wee little partition to do its dirty work, and has dislodged my other partitions. Partition 2 in the image below is my C drive. Any suggestions as to how I might get this active again so that it boots?




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Any luck with this? – Dustin Aug 12 '09 at 18:45

I've had a similar problem on workstations. I think what I did was stick fdisk on a bootable disk, boot to that, and mark the Windows partition as the active partition and the ghost partition as inactive or delete it.

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Hi Dustin - I had tried that, which got the Windows boot screen to come up, but it only showed for about a second before it automatically rebooted. We ended up rebuilding the system anyways, but now that I'm looking at my screen shot again, it looks like C: was assiged to my tape backup media. I don't suppose you know how I might get C: assigned back to the original partition? – ChrisH Aug 16 '09 at 23:03
Off the top of my head I'm not sure, but I figure there should be something in fdisk that would let you do that. If you have the ability, and if you want to know for future reference, create a VM (could probably use XP since an extra license for 2k3 is unlikely), give it a few partitions, and start up fdisk and see what all you can do from there. – Dustin Aug 17 '09 at 12:56

I usually ghost from a boot disk, so I haven't seen this scenario. But I believe you would boot to the recovery console and use diskpart to make it active again.

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