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I'm the co-founder of a startup which is in the beginning and growing rapidly. I want to test an stress scenario on my IIS server to help figure out the resource needed from our cloud service, like 40,000 http request per second

any suggestions?

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Whilst I don't disagree with people who have one favourite tool, such as JMeter, or ApacheBench, the problem is, from a naïve point of view, you'll run this from one server, probably in the same Availability Zone as your server, and not get an entirely accurate load test.

Have a google about for Cloud-based load testing facilities, that way, they'll use lots of different servers, from all over the world, so you'd get a more accurate representation of when your site goes viral.

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I googled: cloud based load testing, and the top hit looks like a very promising offering from Sendgrid. – Tom O'Connor Jun 25 '13 at 20:19

JMeter can be used for this. I've not used it for web service testing myself, but I have used it to load-test a SQL mirror, as well as load-testing a Java application server.

Edit: I suppose, since I've used JMeter for load-testing a Java application server, that could be considered web service testing.

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