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We are using kerberos for authentication with pam module. We need to reinstall kerberos on another machine. So , I took kerberos dump and planned to restore using it.

kdb5_util  -sf stash   load kdc.dump 

After that , I can able to access kadmin.local interface. list_princs is working fine and all my users are listed in that and kinit also working fine. But If I am access kadmin -p root/admin i got below error.

Error Log

AS_REQ (4 etypes {18 17 16 23}) SERVER_NOT_FOUND: root/admin@ULTRASOUND.ZMEDIA.COM for kadmin/bharathi.ultrasound.zmedia.com@ULTRASOUND.ZMEDIA.COM, Server not found in Kerberos database
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I shudder at the use of a root/admin principal. You should really be using <username>/admin. However, that's not what's actually causing you trouble.

Your new kdc doesn't have a kadmin/bharathi.ultrasound.zmedia.com@ULTRASOUND.ZMEDIA.COM principal in its database. It never need to exist before as kadmind never ran on that host before.

You'll have to add the principal in via kadmin.local.

kadmin.local -q "addprinc -randkey kadmin/bharathi.ultrasound.zmedia.com@ULTRASOUND.ZMEDIA.COM
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