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After restarting a XCP 1.6.10 host machine, XenCenter 6.1 is no longer able to connect to it. The failure message is always "Server failure: Unauthorized". Using ssh with the exact same root credentials works fine.

I can't seem to find any log on the box that would help me to diagnose this issue, is there any place where connection attempts to openwsmand are logged?

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If anyone stumbles across the same phenomenon, here's what I found out (spoiler: I'm stupid):

Of course, what should have immediately raised an alarm was the fact that I wrote openwsmand when the xapi process is actually responsible for handling connection attempts from XenCenter and the likes. What happened here was that I just did a simple netstat -plant and noticed that openwsmand was listening at port 443, which I knew was the port that XenCenter tried to connect to, so I assumed this was the right process.

But of course, XenCenter can't connect to openwsmand because this is a tool of the OpenManage Suite by Dell. I suppose that when I first installed OpenManage, openwsmand tried to bind to port 443, but this was already in use by xapi, so it gave up and I was still able to connect.

When I restarted the machine, however, the openwsmand service was started before xapi, so it occupied port 443, leaving me with no possibility to connect using XenCenter.

A simple

$ service openwsmand stop
$ xe-toolstack-restart
$ service openwsmand start

fixed the problem. Currently running VMs won't be affected by this operation.

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