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Is there a log file or administrator screen (like Event Viewer) where one can see specific rules that are being enforced?

You know how you can use Process Monitor to monitor a task and see registry writes that were blocked or other things working/not working in a given process? Is there a way to see Windows policies that are being specifically enforced on a specific application?

For example, we have an application that adds tasks to the Windows Scheduler. It work 75% of the time on most any Windows OS. There are times where it fails and we update everything we can think of to get it working (like giving the user permissions on the Tasks folder), but the OS still will not save the task. Is there ANY way to determine WHAT is blocking an application from working?

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I would start by looking at the Event logs, specifically the Group Policy Operational event log and then the Application and System event logs. –  joeqwerty Jun 26 '13 at 19:42

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You can check on currently enforced group policies through the "resultant set of policy" manager. Just go to run and type in rsop.msc and all group policies will appear. Also check the event logs such as System, Application, and Security.

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