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I am trying to have the jenkins java application run at startup, run as the jenkins user. I have a upstart conf file located at /etc/init/jenkins.conf with the following inside it.

description "Jenkins daemon"

start on startup
stop on shutdown


setuid jenkins
setgid jenkins
java -jar /usr/local/lib/jenkins/jenkins.war

Running service jenkins start just hangs. I have tried numerous combinations of upstart internals but cannot find a collection that works, it hangs every time. Is there any error reporting anywhere that I can look at to see what is going wrong? Logged in as the jenkins user I can start the application with that java command.

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Have you tried providing the full path to the java executable? why not use a lightweight container and the jenkins war? Odds are the container provides an init.d or upstart script already. – dawud Jun 29 '13 at 12:39

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