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Is there a solution to record the screens of multiple workstations running Windows XP ?

p.s. I know is question has been asked before but that question is only talking about Linux clients. I need a (hopefully open-source) solution for windows.

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Not open source, but we use a program called Call-Copy to record VOIP calls AND screen info for computers in our Callcenter.

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If you can install VNC servers onto the clients the VNC2SWF program mentioned in Splattne's answer in the question you referenced is perfectly suitable for your Windows session recording, too. There's a sample video on that site using the software to record a Windows 2000 machine, but in that video he's recording localhost. Having it record remote machines is a slightly different procedure, but not a while lot different.

If you wanted to automate the solution you'll need to do a bit of scripting (or have somebody do it for you), but it's certainly possible to get a fully automated solution up and running.

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