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I'm having an issue with network drives. Suddenly some computers and users aren't getting their mapped network drives from the logon script. I am NOT a domain admin, I don't have permission to login to the domain controller. And I know very little about Active Directory.
The issue seems random, some users this day, different users tomorrow. Some computers run fine and some won't map no matter who logs in. They are mixed OS's XP (SP3), Vista, and 7. I was looking at the domain in windows explorer and I have found the batch file(s) that maps the drives in several locations, how do I know which one is actually being ran?

The .bat file is located in
\DOMAIN\NETLOGON\script.bat and
\DOMAIN\SYSVOL\DOMAIN\scripts\script.bat and
\DOMAIN\SYSVOL\DOMAIN\policies\GUID(Right? It's a crazy string)\User\Scripts\Logon\script.bat

So, how can I figure out which one is actually being ran per computer or user? Cause they are all slightly different from each other and one of them doesn't map properly.
Do all the files in NETLOGON get ran? Cause there are 15+ files in there. Or is it specified in Group Policy which one(s) get ran?

EDIT: I am able to access a program called Active Directory Users and Computers, but the properties tab for any user is blank for the logon script.

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did you map FQDN or try using the IP instead? – Patrick Burwell Dec 15 '15 at 16:13
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You can not unless you have access to the Group Policies and can see which ones. Not every thing in the NETLOGON folder is executed.

To see what group policies (GPO) are being applied you can go Start, Run, CMD or WinKey+R and CMD and then type either gpresult on Windows XP or gpresult /r on Windows 7 and above. This does not tell you what scripts are being ran or what is actually in the group policies, just the ones being applied.

Also, since you are not the controller of the Group Policies, you shouldn't be the one troubleshooting it. Elevate it to the person that is in charge of that because you are wasting your time attempting to do it. Especially with little knowledge of how AD work.

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I have ran the command and it gave me an output that listed 5 groups that were "Applied Group Policy Object". I elevated this issue on monday. But the next elevation for this issue is to HQ which likes to take there sweet time 1 email a day, don't return phone calls, not much help. And when the HR Manager and GM can't get there personal drive to map they come to me since it is a "network issue." And I'm the network engineer here. – user2517266 Jun 28 '13 at 12:54
One of those Groups would tell me what script is being ran correct? – user2517266 Jun 28 '13 at 13:00
There are two, Applied Group Policy Objects within the GPRESULT. One for Computer (top one) and one for user (bottom one). These are the policies being applied to the computer. The name tells you nothing about the real underlying policy. To solve your situation temporarily, I think it may be easier to create a shortcut to the HRM and GM's personal drives with the UNC path instead of network maps. – Travis Jun 28 '13 at 13:02
OR try to run gpupdate /force to get it to re-pull the GPO. It is possible they logged in and did not get the GPO or the startup script did not run due to lack of network connectivity. – Travis Jun 28 '13 at 13:02
I can run a bat script to remap the drive and 50% of the time it will work the other 50% it will say 'access is denied'. Or will map it then after 2-3 minutes it will disappear. – user2517266 Jun 28 '13 at 13:09

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