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Essentially I have a Credit Card machine which is connected to a phone line via standard BT Socket.

So basically, the port of the wall has a balun plugged in which takes the RJ45 outlet on the wall to BT, so I can plug the device in. This works fine, however I need the machine to be on the other side of the room so want to route it through my patch panel (strucutered cabling).

How can this be done?

So Device --> ? --> RJ45 port --> Patch Panel --> ? --> Balun out wall outlet

Where ? is to be filled in!

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Is your PSTN line currently connected into your structured wiring, eg, do you need to connect the BT socket on the wall into your infrastructure or is that already in place? – James Yale Jun 28 '13 at 21:57
It's an independent PSTN line for a credit card machine, it won't be in use for anything else. – PnP Jun 28 '13 at 22:11
The important part of this isn't the credit card machine, it's the PSTN - once you get that onto your structured wiring it should be plain sailing. Is the PSTN currently connected to your structured wiring? – James Yale Jun 28 '13 at 22:16
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Yes you can do this. What you need is one of these:

Thw differance between MASTER and Slave is that master shoukd be used on devices that ring using the pstn (example a very old phone that draws power from pstn)

A slave should be used for digial devices. The only differance is there is a capicter in the master to enable no influx in voltage.

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