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My MySQL enterprise server has limiting disk space for logging. Error log file increasing size day by day and difficult to limit the size of error log.

Can I Limit MySQL Error Log file size?

Is there any purge command for error log?

Can I apply Log rotation option?

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It use to be done by operating system.In Debian, for example, logrotate do it.

man logrotate for more info.

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I does not mentioned about server or apache log. I need to rotate only mysql error log. No issue with mysql bin log. – Sathiska Jun 30 '13 at 5:13

This is my Answer,

Scheduled following command weekly basis.

mysqladmin -u xxxx -pxxxxxx flush-logs;

move old error log file into backup drive.

mv /var/lib/xxxxx.err.old /vol3/backup-export
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