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internet site configurations view has -> security options ->

Accept SSL site certificates: default is NO Accept expired SSL certificates: default is Yes

question: how does this effect server behaviour ? e.g. if i change the default behaviour ->Accept SSL site certificates to yes then what effect will it have on server ?

i hope the questions is clear enough, if not please let me know i will rephrase it.


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There is a great documentation called the administrator help (in the help directory of your server)... I'd like to say RTFM if it wasn't that impolite...

here you can read what these two settings do:

Accept SSL site certificates

Choose one:

Yes -- To accept the certificate and use SSL , even if the server does not have a certificate in common with the protocol server

No (default) -- To prohibit the acceptance of SSL site certificates for access

Accept expired SSL certificates

Choose one:

Yes -- To allow clients access, even if the client certificate is expired No -- To prohibit client access using expired SSL certificates

I don't know, what to describe better than that...

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sound .. i did not know that .. thanks man – kasper_341 Aug 1 '13 at 19:28

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