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I'd like to do some network testing on Windows using Iperf. The latest on sourceforge appears to be 2.0.4. However, it's only available as source to be compiled. I attempted to do some google searching for a pre-compiled version, but all I could find were some links to 1.x stuff.

Admittedly, the 1.x version I found does seem to work and I could likely continue using it without issue. But I've got the itch that says I need the latest version and setting up a build VM and dealing with inevitable compile issues doesn't sound like a whole lot of fun. So I figured I'd ask here if anyone knows where to find pre-compiled Iperf 2.x binaries for Windows.

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@Chris - No it won't.

And on that note, you can download the native compiled binary v2.0.4 from here. (warning: shameless plug, if it even is that - links to my site).

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Any chance that you could provide a 32-bit version? – Mawg Mar 23 at 10:47

Have you tried just using Jperf (Java-based)? It's at version 2.0.x and seems to have the same functionality as iperf:

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I've recently compiled iperf on windows using cygwin here's the output of iperf -v

[iperf version 2.0.5 (08 Jul 2010) pthreads]

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How does that answer the question? – Mawg Mar 23 at 10:47

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