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I created ftp account through DotNetPanel and for some reason now it throws eror "hexadecimal value 0x03, is an invalid character.". However I noticed that an user has been created on the server and I am able to login through ftp client.

When I am logging in, it points to C:\inetpub\ftproot folder. Now I want to change the pointing folder so that I can point this user to my website folder and I can upload the files for my website.

Any help please.

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The "hexadecimal value 0x13, is an invalid character" error appears to be a common issue:

The error "hexadecimal value 0x13, is an invalid character" is known to happen in DotNetPanel with Windows Server 2008 when web.config file has been modified incorrectly or completely replaced. This is because IIS 7 uses the web.config to store it's entire settings and any incorrect modifications or complete replacement to this file will cause the this error to happen

  1. Make a note of all the virtual directories created for the website (virtual directory name and pointing path)
  2. Remove the web.config file from the File Manager.
  3. Delete the website from within DotNetPanel. (This will NOT delete any files of the website).
  4. Re-add the website.
  5. Setup all the virtual directories again.

To change the home directory of the user, from the DotNetPanel Guide:

Home directory location Select “Folder in your Hosting Space” option to point web site to some folder within the hosting space. You could change web site root folder from default one “wwwroot” if it was allowed in the hosting plan. Select “Redirection to URL” to redirect all requests from client application, such as web browser, to another Web site or virtual directory by entering a URL in the box below.

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