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I have servers on every continent, totalizing 10 servers (or pools of servers with one public IP) totally.

I have successfully implemented Failover DNS, so that if one server stop responding, the corresponding A record get automatically pulled out of my DNS config.

I have successfully implemented GeoDNS too. As such, my american visitors get directed to the closest and fastest answering servers, which are generally my american servers, my asian visitors get directed to my chinese servers, ...

What I want to do now is to implement CDN over this architecture.
What that mean is that I want my 2 servers in America to get cached with 25 Points of Presence across USA & Canada, my 2 servers in Asia to get cached with a lot of Points of Presence there too, ...

What I would like to know is how to make my CDN GeoDNS aware, so that my American CDN will goes first to my american servers (which cache content first for USA and then for the rest of the world), and same for Asia, Europe, ... ?
In other words, how to prioritize geographically some servers over some others with CDN ?



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You mean, your CDN providers are only national ones ? –  user2299634 Jul 2 '13 at 18:56
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