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When I log in with putty, I always have to:

  • change settings
  • appearance
  • font
  • change
  • 8
  • resize window

so that I can see enough text to work with the log files.

I don't see where I can save these settings to my saved session, is this possible?

alt text


so the answer is click on change settings, change everything but then you have to also click on session the name again and save, thanks david:

alt text

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It's worth pointing out that you can also save changes to the Default Settings session, which will then be applied to all new sessions you create. You need never see that horrible default font again :) –  Colin Pickard Mar 25 '11 at 11:08

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You need to go "Change Settings -> Window" and set it there.


Do the same under Appearance for the font and size. Then go back to the session and save it. There is already a question, by the way, that also answers your inquiry somehow.

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Other things that I change are scroll back buffer size (mine is 32k) and logging. This can be very handy in the event of a crash, or just in case it overflows that buffer. I use the portableapps version of putty, and often have as many as 6 windows open, with no issues.

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