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I'm booting my FreeNAS from an USB stick. But it became bad and won't boot up.

bad dir ino {X} at offset {X}: mangled entry

I now attached the USB drive to a VM with FreeNAS to mount / or repair the fs on the stick with fsck.

After running fsck -y -t ufs once, the partition seems to be totally destroyed (can't even rerun fsck as it just gives "no superblock found"). So I guess the fs can't be repaired.

That's why I'm now trying to retrieve the config /data/freenas-v1.db.

I mounted "mount -t ufs /dev/da0s1a /tmp/test" but "ls /tmp/test/data/" just gives:

ls: zfs: Bad file descriptor
./ ../

In a working install the config file freenas-v1.db is within that folder and zfs is an ordinary subdir of the folder.

Is the file lost? Any chance to get it back?

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Finally got the file. Didn't realized /data is mounted from the 4th partition and is not part of the root filesystem.

Unfortunately, it's corrupted and can't be opened and sqlite doesn't seem to have a good tool to repair corrupted databases. So I'm finally out of luck with this.

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