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I have a Dedicated Virtual box at Media Temple running Plesk. Within Plesk, I have one subscription.

Within that subscription, I have the primary domain and its associated mailboxes and subdomains. Let's call it primary.com. I have an add-don domain, let's call it secondary.com, that has files, one database, and a mailbox.

Is there any built-in method inside Plesk to transition secondary.com, its files, and its mailbox, into a new Plesk subscription on the same server?

I have the files and database already backed up, what's causing me some grief is the mailbox. The mailbox has thousands of old messages that I fear will take forever to manually move using multiple IMAP accounts. I also cannot add the new Plesk Subscription/domain until the domain has been removed from the current Plesk subscription (I get a "domain already exists" error within Plesk)

I looked at the Plesk Migration Manager but it appears to be useful only to move one Plesk subscription from another server to the current server. Another issue to throw into the mix is the fact that primary.com has 30 or so mailboxes, 10+ subdomains and 30GB worth of data. If I try to use the Migration Manager I cannot single out the one domain, I have to move the entire Subscription (exactly what I want to avoid).

Appreciate any insight you may have if someone has tackled this before.

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What's your PSA version? –  cept0 Jul 8 '13 at 11:19
@cept0, I am running 10.1.1 –  Set Sail Media Jul 8 '13 at 14:50

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