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I Need new sftp login details for developers but that is restricted to /var/www/html/ using ssh. They have to be able to edit and save files, also when the user makes changes I don't want the group changing to the users group once they make changes, if that makes sense.

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what system is it? – matcheek Jul 4 '13 at 21:45
Centos 6.3, Zend community server on Rackspace Cloud if that's any help. – Joe Moe Jul 5 '13 at 19:01

You could use ACLs here.

Create your user with useradd. Then grant him the correct permission on /var/www/html

#> setfacl -m u:rwx:myuser /var/www/html

Verify that it worked bu using getfacl

#> getfacl /var/www/html

Also for your group name request, you might want to flag the html directory with the setgid flag chmod +s /var/www/html

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You can create a user with

 useradd -D /var/www/html xyz 

so /var/www/html will be the default home directory for user xyz , but if you are running apache and /var/www/htmlis home directory than this solution is not gonna work.

Instead you should create a user with any other home directory and restrict user with SUDO access for APACHE.

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I will suggest you to use httpd-itk from epel to run each site by own user. And proftpd (mod_sftp) to gain access to the web root.

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