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I recently installed the Windows Server Backup Feature on my Windows Server 2012. When I try to create a backup (full) I get the following error: System writer is not found in the backup.

I followed this: MS KB Article by using takeown and icacls, restarted cryptsvc and checked the registry but no luck. If I run "vssadmin list writers" the system writer is not in the list.

Any Ideas?

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Anyone have issues with this patch on windows 2012 server (non-R2)? I get a message that informs me that this is not compatible with this operating system. – user320886 Nov 6 '15 at 21:50
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I found the Problem.

If you have Visual Studio installed on the server this Hotfix from Microsoft is the Solution:


This issue occurs because Windows Server limits any directory from containing more than 1,000 subdirectories. Visual Studio 2012 installs more than 1,000 subdirectories in the following location: C:\Windows\Microsoft.Net Therefore, when the system state writer tries to back up the folder, the issue that is described in "Symptoms" section occurs.

Hope this helps!

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