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I'm posting this question as a quick Q&A for anyone who needs this info. The question is:

How can I find what the IP address is of my server?

I'm sure any additional comments, tips, additions or advice around the answer I'm about to provide will also be useful

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nslookup example.com is the canonical cross-platform solution for this. Of course, dig on *nix-like systems is more full-featured, but nslookup should be everywhere.

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  • Ping a site or domain on the server, from a machine external to the server
    • (open a command window, type ping *hostname*
  • Check a hosts file that you use to alias the server (you can find this at C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc)
  • Run whatsmyip.com on the server (or google even directly reports the external IP if you Google a search for ‘what’s my IP’) – not necessarily best practice though to run a browser on a live server
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