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I am able to ssh into an ec2 instance as the root user using the private key .pem that was generated when I created the instance.

$ ssh -i Desktop/key.pem

I then created a new user

$ useradd dummy

When I run the following command to sign in as the dummy user

$ ssh -i Desktop/key.pem

I get the following error

Permission denied

How do I ssh into the new instance as the dummy user?

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As Roman points out, you need to copy the public part of your key (usually ending .pub) to this file: /home/dummy/.ssh/authorized_keys:


Note, youll probably have to create the .ssh folder in /home/dummy first.

Then make sure the authorized_keys file has the correct permissions:

chmod 600 /home/dummy/.ssh/authorized_keys

Also, just to be safe, set the Selinux context too:

restorecon /home/dummy/.ssh/authorized_keys
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I am still getting the same error. I followed your instructions exactly. EDIT Setting the permissions to 700 on .ssh on the remote server resolved it. – user784637 Jul 8 '13 at 21:12
Had the exact same problem today, restorecon saved me. Thanks! – Wiesław Herr Jan 30 '15 at 13:20

You need to add your generated key to the newly created user's authorized_keys.

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