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On a server hosting multiple linux-vservers, I martian packets reported in syslog:

[2164343.839846] martian source from MY.PUB.LIC.IP, on dev eth0
[2164343.839850] ll header: e8:40:f2:0a:e9:4e:6c:9c:ed:bb:bd:80:08:00


  • is the IP of a vserver, natted
  • MY.PUB.LIC.IP is the ip of eth0, the only physical interface
  • e8:40:f2:0a:e9:4e is the mac address of eth0
  • 6c:9c:ed:bb:bd:80 is (apparently) the MAC address of an equipment at the data center where the server is

A tcpdump on eth0 show no packet captured, even with rp_filter set to 0 for eth0

tcpdump -i eth0 host

How can I gather more info to identify the problem? Can I dump somehow the packets?

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Have you discussed this with the network administrator? – Daniel Widrick Jul 10 '13 at 11:02
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This was due to a missing alias on the ethernet interface

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