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Most desktop processors these days include the fan&heatsink attached to it. Can I expect that to fit in a 4U rack? For example, is a 4U rack considered a tower when it comes to fitting components in it?

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Im not going to mark this as an answer but there are problems with fitting desktop heat sinks in rack cases. This is because the airflow for a desktop heat sink is pulling air from above the chip whereas a heat sink for a rack usually has a lot of fans pushing air thru the rack. As far as a desktop processor, the processor and heat sink are two different things. – Atari911 Jul 11 '13 at 3:22
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Yes, you will be able to fit a standard ATX motherboard with desktop CPU/heatsink combo in a 4U server chassis. 1U or 1RU (rack unit) = 1.75 inches so 4U = 7 inches tall. That will give you an idea of how tall your components can be depending on rack chassis chosen.

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