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I have some sites on a server. they all have a drectory named 'image-upload' where users of sites upload their images.

I want to:

  • Off PHP engine for this directory on all the sites

  • disable .htaccess on this directory on all the sites

Can I do it apache config file using regex?

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what is the reason of giving negative point to my question? – hd01 Jul 12 '13 at 13:34

You can set configuration options using a FilesMatch and DirectoryMatch directove which uses a globbing patter (not a regex). But you don't even need a glob: just using a Directory directive has the same effect.

The manual describes doing this via .htacess, in your httpd.conf....

<Directory "/var/www/html/image-upload">
   php_flag engine off
   AllowOverride None

(but adding a .htaccess file to disable the engine as well would be a good idea).

It would be a better idea to keep user uploads completely outside the document root and mediate all access via a proxy script.

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